Quick Tips For Becoming An Efficient Casino Streamer

Quick Tips For Becoming An Efficient Casino Streamer

Quick Tips For Becoming An Efficient Casino Streamer

Online streaming turns out to be a very popular activity today. Casinos are becoming aware of the streaming activity and we have numerous live casinos on streaming platforms. Popular casino streamers enter the industry either for fun or business purposes. At the moment, there are several dominant streamers which stand out from the crowd. Many casino enthusiasts are interested in live streaming. They search for a recipe to become one of the competitive video streamers. However, there is no unique strategy which will lead you to a majestic career. 

Casino streaming today

Since the emergence of casino streaming, it has a point regarding the commercialisation of the casino section. As more and more casinos and providers are becoming aware of the impact of streaming and the influence it has on brand awareness, the number of casinos represented on the streaming platforms is ever increasing. And so are the streamers, making it an extremely competitive platform. Not all casinos wish to be represented, however, we’ll explain why later on.

The most significant incident was the recent acquisition of a streaming network, now owned in majority by LeoVegas. While most don’t seem too bothered with the politics of casino streaming, others feel that the money involved harms the credibility of casino streamers and that it has become pretty much one big advertising platform.

However, the competition in the casino industry is ferocious, and if new markets are identified, everyone is going to go for it. Today, there are new streamers appearing at an ever-faster pace. A limited few are undoubtedly doing it for fun, but most are business orientated affiliates. A handful of streamers have now established themselves at the top of the hierarchy, dominating much of the section and leaving the rest of the lot fighting for the leftovers.

How to stream a casino

To set up your own channel and start streaming is not very hard, but to become a successful streamer is quite a challenge. People that stumble into the casino streaming section are most likely to pick the streamers listed at the top because it’s convenient.

In any case, it will take hard work, persistence, and dedication to get anywhere and there will never be any guarantee of success. Streamers at live dealer casino want to acquire regular viewers and reputation. For these purposes, they use different strategies and promotions. 

Tips to top

Dedicated online gamers are probably interested in the creation of live stream channel. First of all, you need to know that streaming is not a hard activity, but becoming successful is another part of the story.

To become a successful streamer, you need to enjoy the streaming activity. There will be many unveiled streams, empty chats and similar but everything is in your hands.

Here are some tips for you,

• Provide streams to both Twitch and YouTube – YouTube is another competitive channel which will feature your games and support you in becoming viral.

• Schedule your streams and inform users when you are going live. It will result in broader coverage and more viewers.

• Have in mind that live streamers spend up to four hours on a single broadcast.

• Arrange streaming deals with online casinos. If you provide streaming casino bonuses, it will allow you more sessions and better promotion. When you earn from affiliates, you can re-invest the money into more streaming

• Avoid any kind of cheating with fake money. Good casinos know the successful way and they are 100% genuine.

• Start with small casinos to acquire an audience. Big casino platforms are generally overexposed and players are already present on these sites.

Criticisms of casino streaming

Casino industry faces serious critics and stigma. Popular casino streamers are also affected regarding responsible gambling and their overall presence. Some of the most commented live streaming topics are related to alcohol, false gambling representation or careless betting. 

The main concerns voiced by critics often involve issues regarding responsible gambling and the way streamers present themselves and their gambling habits. Ever-increasing bets, alcohol, false representation of gambling, and reckless betting are some of the things often discussed both on casino forums and even during live streams as well. Although far from perfect, the recent changes in the UKGC compliance guidelines, and the maturing of the streaming community itself, appears to have had an effect and many popular casino streamers have become better at informing viewers on responsible gambling.

These comments motivate gamblers to change the strategy and streamers are now actively included in responsible gambling activities.

For the time being, popular casino streamers can still do their thing, albeit with a few restrictions. With new laws constantly being enforced by regulatory authorities, in particular when it comes to how operators market themselves casino streaming is becoming more challenging.


Name: Quick Tips For Becoming An Efficient Casino Streamer
Author : Robert Davey
Published Date: 18/09/2019