The progress of online casino gaming in 2019

The casino gaming industry is largely evolving over the years. This is because of the fact that its popularity has led to an increase in its demand over the years. With evolving technology, players seem to have evolved their tastes as well. Now, players like to keep up with technology that seems to fascinate them with its potential advantages as well. And thus, companies and game developers have begun to furiously work behind integrating such modern trends in new online casino games.

What are the few trendsetters that have been observed in 2019, yet?

Among the many exciting developments that have taken place, here are a few that have notably been able to transform the entire industry.

1.  The rise in online casino games for mobile devices

Online casino games are no more limited to personal desktops and computers. Now, with the rise in the use of handheld devices, players can easily access their favourite online casino games right on their smartphone or tablets! The sheer advantage of mobile online casino games is that it can be accessed anywhere, any time. There has been a steady increase in the number of players who have diverted their interests towards mobile gaming. This is the reason why game developers have successfully introduced a substantial number of online casino games in the market today.

2. Virtual and Augmented Reality in casino games

For the more tech-savvy players, VR and AR have become a hot favourite for their choices on best online casino games. The interesting aspect of a realistic and in real-life gaming has created more interest among such players. And thus, leading brands such as Microgaming, Evolution Gaming, NetEnt etc., are working hard to integrate such technologies in their games as well. Another area of development is the live casino gaming market. With the integration of live casino games along with AR and VR may have a significant rise in interests among casino players in the future as well.

3.  Blockchain technology for online transactions

The need for safe, secure and private online transactions has led to companies invest significantly to provide better services to casino players. Blockchain technology comes into rescue since it is an established network of private and secure payments. Keeping such safe practices in mind, it has been observed that regulatory bodies have shown their acceptance in allowing casinos to provide cryptocurrency as a transactional method. However, gambling laws across different parts of the world are quite heterogeneous. There is still a long way before cryptocurrency can be widely accepted for making online transactions possible in the world of gambling.

4. Regulations becoming even more stringent

The sheer necessity of providing gambling services to the masses has also raised concerns over security as well. Casino sites are frequently subjected to a lot of inspections, because of the evolving regulatory laws with regards to casino gambling in any specific country. The online gambling market is increasingly popular as a number of countries are approving gambling practices in their country’s premises. However, regulations are becoming even stricter. All this is being done in order to keep a check on any illegal activity that might be carried out behind the scenes. For developing countries where the legal structure is still not well defined, online gambling can potentially be an insecure and unsafe business.


Name: The progress of online casino gaming in 2019
Author : Robert Davey
Published Date: 25/07/2019