The Need For Identification Proof In Online Casinos

While playing online casino games, you may have to just go through a simple sign up or registration to start your game but when it is time to withdrawing your winnings (if you win), the platform that you are playing on will ask for your personal details and identification proof.

This might put you off, but here is a secret. It is for your own benefit. Whenever an online gambling platform asks for your personal details to disburse your winning amount, it does so, to ensure ‘your’ security.

Having a proper algorithm for identity verification is necessary for such websites and companies to avoid any violation of local gambling laws that may include issues like underage gambling and money laundering.

So, in order to verify your age, your game organizer might ask you for your identity proof like Government-issued ID, driver’s license and in some cases passport too. If someone is under the age of 18, then, in most countries, it would be illegal to let that person play or participate in gambling or betting. Verification through passport is also a prominent indicator for solid verification, as getting the passport itself requires many green lights from local government.

Another important reason for identification is to adhere to regulations by authorities on money laundering. Identification makes sure that the token amount or the winnings are not sourced by some criminal or illegal activity. If this rule is being violated, then the organising company stands a great chance of losing its license. By keeping the nose tight on such transactions, gambling platforms help in stopping game manipulation and hence keeps you safe in all fairness.

To ensure that the money involved in the game is clean, your bank statements and card details are required for withdrawal. It is a good habit to not share your personal details on the internet, but when you are playing online games with real money or betting on events, then, declining to provide your information might go against you and will cease your registration with that platform. In fact, providing your complete card details means that no other transaction window could be used in the future, this gives the platform a wall to protect you from personal fraud.

Gathering a player’s bank details, allows the platform to analyse the source of the funds that the player is using and ensuring security to the best.

Having residential proof gives the verification a solid ground to judge a player’s history with its water bills or electricity bills. Even the requirements for phone bills are focused on judging players activities if they are suspicious or not.

Let’s be honest, gambling has its shortcomings like other things and to tackle those the smart way, a system has to be developed and followed. The very nature of extensive and data-sensitive verification is focused on securing the money and interests of the players.

It is natural to feel hesitant while providing your personal residential and banking details on the internet, but licensed online casinos, especially in the UK are strongly regulated. They are under the obligation of ensuring the security of you and your data.

So, your apprehensions could be kept aside because these platforms have latest data encryption security and are impenetrable. Sharing your data while playing with licensed online casinos would not cause it to be lost or shared for malicious purposes.


Name: The Need For Identification Proof In Online Casinos
Author : Robert Davey
Published Date: 15/07/2019