Ten things the avid gamblers resort to

Ten things the avid gamblers resort to

Gambling is a game of patience, passion, and determination. Amidst the age of new age gamers in the advanced era of technology, casino players who gamble since the traditional brick and mortar casinos, have different traits cultivated in them. Because they know the game from the beginning, and they have also observed how the technology took over the gaming world, there are certain habits and characteristics which set them apart from the crowd. Knowing what the experts do can help you in taking your game two levels up. Listed below are the things that make them different from the rest.

Ten things the avid gamblers resort to

1. Observe, Learn, Win, Repeat

Understanding the rules and strategies of the game can lead you to a good result but this doesn’t work every time, especially when you chose to gamble, which is considered far from prediction. Successful gamblers learn from their mistakes, observe their results, track their performances, what strategy works for them, which game is giving them better results and improvise their game accordingly.

2. Gamble with an edge

Most of the gamblers take up the sport for fun and entertainment. Fair enough, the game is all about glamour and leisure. But avid gamblers take their game very seriously. They always look out for games with lower edges so that they can keep playing without taking a toll on their bankroll.

3. Think outside of the Table!

If you are at a winning streak and having the time of your life, great, enjoy! But never stop looking out for other options. Thinking out of the box, or table can give you good results in gambling. Get over those basic tips and strategies you see everywhere over the web and look around to search for new and better ways to gamble.

4. Ask for everything

Many casinos offer reward programs to attract gamblers. If you have signed for any reward program, don’t think that you have got everything they have. Instead, ask for more. Because avid gamblers play all their games with so much passion, they don’t hesitate to ask casino dealers what else they can get.

5. Stay awake, stay healthy

Casinos are a huge industry loaded with tons of glamour and socialising. Nobody would mind a drink or two amidst the professional gamblers but be careful. Never play under the influence of alcohol, you might end up losing your bankroll. Professional gamblers always stay awake and healthy to think clearly about their next move.

6. Practice, it’s never enough!

The famous universal phrase, “Practice makes a man perfect.” Avid gamblers become successful because they never give up on playing. No matter how bad their day has been, with years of practice, they know how to come back stronger. With the help of technology, game developers now allow people to play for virtual money. Practice there before coming to the table. You don’t want to end up losing right?

7. MBA: Managing Bankroll Alert!

If the game is about money, one should know how to manage it. Successful gamblers make sure that they never run out of their bankroll. They understand the chances of winning and the number of risks involved. They don’t put their bankroll on a bet, they place their bet according to their bankroll.

8. Master the stats!

Avid gamblers are really good at maths and stats. This comes from years of practice and gambling but they make sure they have their command on numbers. If you know the advanced strategies of the number game, you can assure your win easily.

9. Risk takers

Not afraid to take risks, they perpetually evaluate opportunities, weighing risk ratios, and exercising proper discipline. Also, they don’t let emotions cloud their strategy. Their risk-taking decisions are based on facts, research and years of practice, not just mere emotions.

10. Never give up attitude

Well, this attitude is enough to take you far in the game, or anywhere in life. Gambling is never smooth. People have their days of winning streaks and consistent losses. But to not give up on mere losses, makes them stronger, and different from others. They become successful because they don’t give up on their bad days and keep on improving themselves.

The list can go on and on, but in the end, it is you who can make a change. You have to understand and decide what works for you and what doesn’t. The list above can surely help. Adapt a trait or two and play to your strengths. Good luck!


Name: Ten things the avid gamblers resort to
Author : Robert Davey
Published Date: 15/08/2019