Impact of Virtual Reality on Live Casino

Impact of Virtual Reality on Live Casino

The inclusion of virtual reality in online gaming has undoubtedly transcended the outlook of gambling altogether. It has indeed given a new dimension to online gaming thus providing the players all over the world with an extremely user-friendly, real-time gaming platform.

Today, virtual reality has become mainstream due to the release of various hardware such as Oculus Rift. HTC Vive and PlayStation VR.

Impact of Virtual Reality on Live Casino

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The current reports after the analysis of the marketing trends and techniques reveal that the revenue from sales of VR content could increase by more than 140% in the coming years. It was also anticipated that the sales would reach $22 billion by the year 2020 which shows as to how virtual reality will advance in the future.

The Influence of Virtual Reality on Live Casinos

A number of software gaming providers have begun their journey in applying virtual reality in the introduction and development of casino games. To take, for instance, Microgaming has made several presentations at gaming conferences, showcasing virtual reality slot games. Although they are not publicly released and only seen by industry insiders, this is certainly a shift in the future of online casinos. This shift is geared towards a younger audience that is not embracing gambling online due to the lack of technology they have been dreaming of.

Well, while the focus is on the slot games, it is also presumed that virtual reality will take over the live gaming sector too, very soon. It is to be kept in mind that the manner in which they operate will not change, and payout percentages will remain the same. The focus is on the engagement aspect looking into reward based levels which are often included in video games. This will definitely pave the way in participation and increase revenues while providing an environment that is fun, engaging and entertaining.

The Legal Challenges of Virtual Reality

The development of virtual reality in online gaming has given birth to legal challenges, particularly with the licensing authorities. It is mandatory that the developers have to prove that the gaming software is authentic, secure and reliable. They must also make sure that it adheres to the code of ethics and the gambling laws. For instance, Malta, one of the most popular licensing and regulatory authority worldwide demanded that the virtual reality casinos can include clocks located throughout the casino which will prevent the players from losing track of time. Another proposal is the notifications alerting players towards the time spent on playing the games and the player activity remains private within the realm of the virtual casino environment. This means that other participants cannot monitor or see other players winnings or losses.

Despite the fact that some of the licensing authorities are refusing to provide the license to the virtual reality casinos, it is believed that over time, the number will increase. It is predicted that initially, that will likely revolve around the most established developers with the appropriate R&D budgets, however as time goes on, others will substantially enter this realm once it is proven to create an impact.


Name: Impact of Virtual Reality on Live Casino
Author : Robert Davey
Published Date: 07/01/2019