How is Live Blackjack different from Live Roulette?

How is Live Blackjack different from Live Roulette?

The demand and popularity of online casinos are currently at its zenith now, especially in the UK. Thanks to the introduction of real-time game variants and mobile accessibility, it has put online casinos at its peak. Similar to, or better, live casinos offer the same opportunities and privileges as that of the land-based casinos in terms of bonuses, promotions, game variants, gameplay, and the whole gaming experiences in general. Among the list of live games, live blackjack and live roulette are the most popular games in the UK. These two live table games may be the most popular, but both games widely differ from each other. So, despite the differences, which aspects do these games appeal to the casino players of similar choices? Let’s find out!

How is Live Blackjack different from Live Roulette?

Types of roulette

Roulette is primarily a popular traditional table game played by many casino lovers since the initial days. According to the records, the roulette game was invented unintentionally by a French mathematician named Blaise Pascal, where he was initially trying to create the perpetual motion machine. The meaning of roulette in French means ‘Little wheel’, where it consists of 37 pockets in the European version and 38 pockets in the American version. The numbers are distributed evenly on the table, where a ball is thrown into the spinning wheel after the players place their bets. There is no solid strategy for this game, as it depends solely on one’s luck.

Live roulette

Live roulette games segment is available in almost all the online casino, where it excellently features the characteristics of bricks-and-mortar casino. The rules and other features applied at the land-based casinos originally can be found at the live roulette games. Highly trained professional croupiers who are real people, assist the gaming sessions throughout the game, where you can also interact with them via the live chat feature. They are also responsible for spinning the wheel and announcing the winners. The live-stream of the on-going gaming session is done with high-end video and audio quality and shoots from various angles to give a realistic appeal as to that of land-based casinos.

Player’s suite roulette

This segment is played based on computer-generated games, which is usually under the category of table games. In this segment, players are more relaxed in a sense they are not pressurized to place their bets like in live roulettes because it is single-player games. And the players are also in charge of the wheels, which means, they can spin it at their own pace and time, unlike live version.

Types of blackjack

Blackjack is another variant of traditional casino table game and a favourite to many, which are played with decks of cards and betting chips. The base of this game is for the players to get a total hand of 21 with that of the dealer’s hand, else the player will lose the game. In the game of blackjack, the value of cards between 2 to 10 worth their face value, King, Queen and Jack are worth 10, while the Ace can be worth either 1 or 11.

Live blackjack

Usually, at UK based casino sites, the live blackjack is provided by Evolution Gaming, where players can play the games on PCs or any smart devices. When you visit the live blackjack lobby, various blackjack tables with be displayed, denoted by letters like ‘Blackjack A’, ‘Blackjack B’, where only limited seats are accessible at one time. So, if a table is displayed ‘Table full’, it indicates that all the chairs have been booked already by other players, and you may proceed to the following table. Once you find a table and take a seat, you will be playing against the dealer, where you’ll be needed to beat the dealer’s cards by achieving a total hand of 21.

Player’s suite blackjack

The player’s suite blackjack is almost the same as that in the roulette games, where the games are all auto-generated, and the players have full control of the game. This variant of blackjack is nearly popular like the live version, as players can set the game and place bets according to their convenience.


Name: How is Live Blackjack different from Live Roulette?
Author : Robert Davey
Published Date: 08/07/2019