How are online casino tables different from live casino tables?

How are online casino tables different from live casino tables?

Online casinos are online versions of traditional casinos. Online casinos enable gamblers to play and wager on casino games through the internet. A live casino is an aspect of online casino. The two styles of gaming are basically two sides of the same coin but there are two big differences when it comes to online gambling tables:

  1. Online casino table
  2. Live casino table

In this blog, we will see the difference between online casino tables and live casino tables. If you are new to online casino gaming and looking for a game that takes your fancy; it is worth considering the live casino table games played in all the top live casinos.

How are online casino tables different from live casino tables?

What is an online casino table?

An online casino table is generated through the software. Online casino games use RNG (random number generator) to deal with cards.

Other features of an online casino table include:

  • The Chips and cards appear instantly when you place bets and choose the deal button.
  • There is no dealer or a computer-generated dealer that doesn’t move.
  • Sharp graphics in online table games are used to create a more realistic experience.

The most important thing about online gambling is accessibility. Not everyone lives close to a casino. With online casino table games, you can gamble anywhere in your comfort zone. You just need a phone, tablet or laptop and an internet connection. With these things, you have access to all the games available in all live casinos.

What is a live casino table?

Live casino tables use live streaming technology to deal with real dealers using real cards and using real balls. Live casino tables were introduced in the mid-2000s to give online gamblers a genuine experience.

Some features of the live casino table include:

  •  Games in real-time with live dealers.
  •  Live chat feature.
  • Innovative technologies and systems in use that has improved the quality of the gaming process.
  • Regular game buttons (e.g. deal, bet), just like a normal online casino table.

The key thing here is that live casino tables make it feel like you are actually in a brick and mortar casino.

Live casino is a growing area of the industry, with more and more people playing live casino games every month. There are a number of tables available in all live casinos and the top live casinos also offer various casino bonuses.

Main Differences between Live and Online Casino Tables

Live Casino Tables Have Chat Box Feature

Live casino tables let you interact with the dealer.

Each of these tables has a chatbox feature, where you can send messages to the dealer. They then have the option to answer your question and you can interact with the other table buddies too. This feature is not available with online casino tables.

This creates a fun, dynamic land-based casino experience and you can also see what other players are typing to the dealer.

Authentic Vs Electric

Online casino games use RNG to deal with cards. Some players dislike the feeling of fake chips in an online casino that is generated by the gaming software. In live casino tables, the dealers pull out cards and deal them to each player, or spin the roulette ball around the spinning wheel manually. This creates a more authentic experience, like the one you will find in brick and mortar casinos

You Control the Game at Online Casino Tables

In online casino tables, there is no live dealer and you can control the speed of the gameplay. You can delay the gambling action to watch Netflix and if you want to play a few blackjack hands in between texting somebody, then you have the option to do so.

In live casino tables, there is a human dealer controlling the action at all live casinos and hence you can’t stop the game.

Online Casino Tables Generate Cards Automatically

Online casino tables make full use of their gaming software to automatically generate chips and cards. This is great for anybody who wants to cut out wait times involved with the dealer shuffling and dealing cards.

Take Your Pick and Have Fun

Live casino tables are great for those who want an authentic experience and the ability to interact with the dealer. Regular online casino tables are nice because you can control the game flow. If you take joy in playing a variety of table games, then live casinos are a treat for you. offers you the names of top live casinos providing a fantastic collection of live casino games that offers unique and interesting casino bonuses.


Name: How are online casino tables different from live casino tables?
Author : Robert Davey
Published Date: 01/08/2019