4 Ways Artificial Intelligence Has Changed The World Of Online Casinos

The Impact Of Artificial Intelligence In The Casino Industry?

Artificial Intelligence has already started playing an influential role to shape the market of online gambling. Starting from providing a better User Experience, customer service to handling the gambling addictions, AI has a significant impact. In fact, not only the gambling industry the IT entrant is going to have a large effect on our lifestyle too. 

The Impact Of Artificial Intelligence In The Casino Industry?

Artificial Intelligence is not something about dystopian science fiction, where robots tend to enslave the world. It is an advanced product of science and technology that ensures to make our lives way more comfortable. From construction sites to hospitals, AI has a significant influence on different fields. 

Therefore, it shall not come as a surprise to you that AI has also changed the world of online casinos. From Fortune Wheel to Roulette, online gambling has already revolutionized itself with time. Now let’s have a look at how AI is having an impact on this field. 

1. User Data collection and analysis 

In the industry of online casinos, data collection plays a huge part. Gambling companies tend to invest a large sum of money for AI to collect and analyze data. It is mainly because the gambling industry primarily revolves around statistical probability. With the help of AI, casinos, and software developers will know what their target clients are really looking for in this industry. Thus, they will have the opportunity to customize their services accordingly.

However, as an online gambler, you might have exposure to its darker side too. Though the AI helps to detect the early signs of addictions, certain exploits get access to personal data such as email and create a tailored marketing strategy which is close to irresistible to the gambler addicts.

2. 100% accurate probability 

The best thing about online casinos is the principles of probability. What all the players have to do is beat the odds, guess the right numbers and win. Artificial Intelligence will make it 10X easier for players to win a match, which otherwise wouldn’t have been possible. AI can create real-time odds. It will collect and analyze data based on the player’s preferences and come up with realistic odds. It is going to be a remarkable chance for casino players to win the maximum number of games easily. 

Also, only the casino operators can use artificial intelligence machines. The players will have the leverage of the services brought forth by the products of AI. Take Sharkscope, for example. They analyze the poker data online and bring forth relevant statistics. Therefore, the players have a higher chance of winning more often and bringing home larger sums of money. 

3. Claiming a Spot for Youths

As the reports from the Gambling Commission suggests, the common age group from which people participate in gambling activities revolves from 35 years to 64 years. But the transformation of online gambling with AI as virtual reality can drive more customers from the younger age group. Since digitization and VR, in particular, plays an influential role among youth. The inclusion of AI in online gambling is helping to create better UX and viewing experience so younger people are likely to spend more time in gambling.

4. Solutions for addictions 

Casinos have always handled the addicted gamblers quite tactfully. But owing to the fact that AI can actually detect the early signs of addictions, now things have gone real easy for the Online Gambling industry partners. There have been cases where people were detained due to their unaltered addiction to online casinos. They would forget everything and only play games, leading to a sharp decline in their physical and mental health.

No matter how many ‘fight addiction’ these people go through, the addiction seems to come back easily. Now it’s good news for the casino game operators and players that AI can help you get rid of your casino addiction. 

AI can produce specific software that will keep track of the time that you spend in the game. Therefore, it will send you signals when you have crossed the threshold time limit for the day. BetBuddy is one of the examples of such software. It can identify the victim and prevent the situation from becoming too worse. Addiction has been the greatest controversy in the field of online gambling. Finding a cure for it will definitely change the whole industry big time. 

Every coin has two sides. Thus, AI can also deteriorate the gambling industry if not taken care of. You may have to battle against bots if things go amiss due to AI. Looking at the benefits AI has already provided us, I can say that it has undoubtedly revolutionized the industry of online gambling.


Name: The Impact Of Artificial Intelligence In The Casino Industry?
Author : Robert Davey
Published Date: 29/08/2019