Is There Anything Called As The VR Casino Gameplay Action?

Is There Anything Called As The VR Casino Gameplay Action?

All live casinos in the UK strive to give a seamless gaming experience to their players. Virtual Reality is reshaping the online casino industry. Combining colourful graphics with the immersive experience of Virtual Reality, VR casino take gambling to a completely new level. You can play and win real money using 3D graphics in almost all the top live casinos.

Is There Anything Called As The VR Casino Gameplay Action?

This casino guide will walk you through the basics of VR casino.

What are Virtual Reality casinos?

You need a mobile phone or tablet to gamble in online casinos (that offers casino bonuses). Unlike online casinos, playing VR casino games involves wearing a VR headset. Virtual Reality is a computer-generated simulation of the three-dimensional image that can be interacted with in a real or physical way by a person. Using a VR headset, you can navigate in an environment identical to an actual casino.

You get into the VR game and can interact with the features since the game is put right in front of you and around you. Playing experience is better than real or online casino as glitz, glamour, and effects are enhanced to beat the reality we live in!

VR casinofigure

You get to play traditional casino games like Blackjack and Baccarat in VR casinos. They also offer slot games such as Wheel of Jackpot, Thunder of Zeus, Blazing Hit and Cosmic Wild. Players need a VR headset to play these casino games. You can play these games on the Gear VR and Go gaming platforms and the game environment is for a single user only. Both touchpad and Gear VR controller are supported. You will need 128 MB of storage available on your hard drive to play seamlessly.

VR Slots 3D

It is an early access game. You may have to report bugs to the game designers during the gameplay. It features two slot games and more are planned. The first one is Dracula’s Family (a standard five reel, three rows and 15 line video slot game). It features a Wild Symbol, a Scatter symbol, a special Risk Game and four versions of spin mode.

The second game, Art of the Heist features Vincenzio (the greatest thief of all time). In this game, you have to help Vincenzio in robbing a museum building which contains the Mona Lisa and other masterpieces. This slot game has free spins, Wild Symbols and a bonus game. This game is available to those with an HTC vive headset.

You can play both the games on any windows platform with windows 7 onwards and the game action is single-player mode.

Your PC must have an Intel Core i3 processor (or AMD analogue) and at least 6 GB of RAM (8 GB RAM recommended). The game graphics can be handled by a GTX card equivalent or greater. DirectX: Version 11 is required for media handling and 3 GB of space on your hard drive for storage. The VR offers an authentic slot gaming environment but you will play with free coins which can only ever accumulate within the game.

VR casinos: The future of the iGaming industry

Virtually Reality casinos are on the rise and not long from now they will be the norm. Almost everyone has a VR setup in their homes, which gives them the ability to play VR casino games and the gambling experience will be much more realistic.

/vr-casino-gameplay-actionYou can try out VR gaming and if you like it, investing in the VR setup will be a great decision. These casinos will offer an extensive range of titles to play in the future and playing casino games like slots, table games on VR are unlike anything players have experienced before. The future undeniably holds big promises for the advancement of this technology. VR gives players the ability to enjoy a seamless gaming experience with other players around the globe.


Name: Is There Anything Called As The VR Casino Gameplay Action?
Author : Robert Davey
Published Date: 26/08/2019